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Head of the course is Urban Herzog.

Course instructors are:

  • Samo Leštan

  • Gašper Babnik

  • Jože Biro

  • Urban Herzog


The Drowning Prevention Institute is expected to publish four courses terms for whitewater rescuers - C program every year. 1 term at the end of March or early April, the 2nd term in May, the 3rd term in June and 4th term in September or October. The actual implementation of all courses in the published terms depends on the sufficient number of applications. If the number of applications is too low, a course will be canceled.


The minimum number of participants for the implementation of each course is 14, and the maximum number of participants in each course is 24.


Up to 30 candidates will be accepted for course by sending complete applications. Applications are sent by e-mail ( and the first 30 candidates who have submitted complete applications are accepted. Candidates will be notified about the effectiveness of the application by e-mail. Pre-booking for free places in training is not possible.


The course program for rescuers from whitewater comprises 80 pedagogical hours. The training lasts for 7 days and can be divided into two or three parts.


The course is divided into the theoretical part for whitewater rescue and rope techniques, as well as practical rescue exercises part from water and whitewater and rope techniques. The course is carried out in terms of content assemblies, which are carried out separately by days at the time of the announced term. The schedule of a course within days in the announced term depends mainly on the weather conditions, the water level of the Soča River and all other factors that could in any way affect the safety of participants and instructors in a course.

The program is only indicative. The contractor reserves the right to make timely changes, content substitutions and adjustments within the program according to the water level, weather conditions and other objective reasons that condition the implementation of the course. The participants are informed about the contents and changes of the timetable on a daily basis or for each day.


The theory of rescue from whitewater:

  • Legal regulation of the protection against drowning

  • Fundamentals of hydrodynamics

  • Drowning process

  • Rescue equipment from whitewater

  • Rowing techniques

  • Ways of rescue from whitewater

  • Organization of safety in whitewater

Practical knowledge and skills for rescuing from whitewater:

  • Rescue swimming

  • Basics of rescue from whitewater

  • Ways of rescuing from whitewater with a rope technique

  • Simulating, studying and solving practical examples of whitewater rescue

  • Analysis of training and findings


Terms of application:

  • Minimum age is 18 years

  • Medical examination based on the Rules on equipment and first aid, first aid training, and tests, and medical examinations of water rescuers (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 70/03 and 34/04 - para.) Not older than 6 months

  • First-aid competence test conducted on the basis of the Rules on equipment and means for first aid, training and first aid tests and medical examinations of water rescuers (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 70/03 and 34/04 - para.)                                                                  Application on First-aid competence test:

  • Certificate of payment for training

  • At the beginning of the training, the candidate will be shown with a personal document


Conditions of cooperation:

  • All the above conditions for applying for training have been fulfilled

  • Appropriate psychophysical readiness

  • A prescribed medical examination was carried out for water rescuers

  • Successfully passed the knowledge of swimming and swimming skills at the start of the training, which means:
    - Swim 200m at 4:00 min (start from the water with a slip from the edge of the pool);
    - swim 25 m below the water (start from the water with the opening from the edge of the pool).

  • The complete personal equipment of the rescuer from the water






APTITUDE TEST and EXAM is within the competence of the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief. It is divided into:

  • EXAM - consists of the theoretical and practical part and is intended for everyone attending for the first time.


  • APTITUDE TEST (LICENSE) - covers only the practical part and is performed only by those who wish to renew the license. Candidates must take this test every 3 years.



Application for training does not mean that you also applied for the exam. The aptitude tests (exams and exams for renewal of license) are organized and carried out by the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief - Uprava RS za
zaščito in reševanje, Vojkova cesta 61, 1000 Ljubljana. Detailed information on the application, dates, conditions, programmes and rules is available in Slovenian language on the website:


OR in the English translation of the exam information that you can find in the upper link



We advise you to apply for the exam at the same time as for the training.


Dear participants and all concerned,

Drowning protection institute-ZVU would like to inform you that we are cancelling our planned course for White Water Rescuers program C in April. The reason for cancellation is the situation that arose because of the Corona Virus (COVID 19) spread in Slovenia and elsewhere in the world.


All those who would still like to apply are advised to apply for the course which is planned in May. Whether we will carry out the course in May depends, of course, on the development of the situation regarding the spread of the Korona virus in Slovenia.

If ZVU would have to cancel all the courses (April, May, May-June) which were planned for spring 2020, ZVU will refund all the paid fees. The money will be refunded to the bank accounts of the paying costumers.


If any of the payers would like an immediate refund of the paid registration fee, please let us know by email.

Best regards,
Urban Herzog


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