“The ZVU was established with the aim of working on prevention of protection against drowning. ”

About us

The work of the ZVU is mainly focused on the prevention and development of activities related to the field of protection against drowning. The institute operates both in the field of sport and tourism, as well as in the field of flood safety, and organized events and work on water surfaces. 

The ZVU is an officially authorized organization for the provision of courses for whitewater rescuers under the program C by the ADMINISTRATION OF THE REPUBLIC OF SLOVENIA FOR CIVIL PROTECTION AND DISASTER RELIEF.

Our goal

The main goal of the ZVU is the collection, development, and transfer of knowledge in the field of protection against drowning. This includes the implementation of training for rescuers from the water, especially for rescuers from the white waters - program C, the implementation of other training related to wild water, and cooperation with domestic and foreign state institutions and other interested organizations, companies and individuals for which the Institute will recognize, that can be helpful on the field of white water rescue.



The founders of the ZVU are instructors who have been involved in all training courses for emergency water rescuers under the program C that were carried out in the Republic of Slovenia since 2007.

Urban Herzog
Samo Leštan
Jože Biro
Gašper Babnik

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