Wild water rescuer course - program C is intended for people, that guide boats on wild waters in frame of sport, recreation and commercial activity or are present at organised activities with commercial intention and at events on wild waters.

Program C - september 2018

THE DROWNING PREVENTION INSTITUTE (ZVU) is the official authorized provider of training for wild water rescuers within the framework of program C (WWR-C) of the ADMINISTRATION OF THE RS FOR CIVIL PROTECTION AND DISASTER RELIEF (URSZR).

The Drowning Prevention Institute is expected to publish four courses terms for whitewater rescuers - C program every year. First term at the end of March or early April, the 2nd term in May, the 3rd term in June and 4th term in September or October. The actual implementation of all courses in the published terms depends on the sufficient number of applications. If the number of applications is too low, a course will be cancelled.

The course program for rescuers from whitewater comprises 80 pedagogical hours. The training lasts for 7 days and can be divided into two or three parts.

ZVU-WWR-C training is composed of theoretical training in search and rescue from water and rope techniques and practical search and rescue exercises from running and wild water and rope techniques. The training is divided into content sets, which will be conducted separately by days during the announced term. The schedule of training within days in the announced period mainly depends on the weather conditions, the water level of the Soča River and all other factors that could in any way affect the safety of participants and instructors in the training. 


Most days, the training takes place in the kayak centre in Solkan, and on other days at suitable locations on the Soča and Koritnica rivers. The training generally takes place every day between 6:00 and 22:00 with a lunch break (1x can also be between 22:00 in the evening and 6:00 in the morning). Content sets and the number of hours for each set are defined in the program - C. The presented program is only indicative. As a training provider, ZVU reserves the right to change the place and locations of training, to change training dates, to change content and adjustments within the program according to water level, weather conditions and other objective reasons that condition the implementation of training. Participants are informed about the contents and changes in the schedule on a regular basis or for each day separately.


The theory of rescue from whitewater:

  • Legal regulation of the protection against drowning

  • Fundamentals of hydrodynamics

  • Drowning process

  • Rescue equipment from whitewater

  • Rowing techniques

  • Ways of rescue from whitewater

  • Organization of safety in whitewater

Practical knowledge and skills:

  • Rescue swimming

  • Basics of rescue from whitewater

  • Ways of rescuing from whitewater with a rope technique

  • Vertical rescue rope techniques

  • Simulating, studying and solving practical examples of whitewater rescue

  • Analysis of training and findings


White water rescuer - Program C

March 2021

The course is divided into two parts (3+4 days) + exam.

1. PART: 12.3.2021 - 14.3.2021

2. PART: 18.3.2021 - 21.3.2021

EXAM: 22.3.2021

White water rescuer - Program C

May 2021

The course is divided into two parts (3+4 days) + exam.

1. PART: 7.5.2021 - 9.5.2021

2. PART: 13.5.2021 - 16.5.2021

EXAM: 17.5.2021

White water rescuer - Program C

April 2021

The course is divided into two parts (3+4 days) + exam.

1. PART: 2.4.2021 - 5.4.2021

2. PART: 9.4.2021 - 11.4.2021

EXAM: 12.4.2021

White water rescuer - Program C

June 2021

The course is divided into two parts (3+4 days) + exam.

1. PART: 18.6.2021 - 20.6.2021

2. PART: 24.6.2021 - 27.6.2021

EXAM: 28.6.2021

White water rescuer - Program C

September 2021

The course is divided into two parts (3+4 days) + exam.

1. PART: 17.9.2021 - 19.9.2021

2. PART: 23.9.2021 - 26.9.2021

EXAM: 27.9.2021

82 € + DDV = 100,04 €
50 € + DDV = 61 €
483,61 € + DDV = 590 €